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The City of Junín de los Andes is located on the southwest of the Province of Neuquén, nestled on the right margin of the Chimehuín River, on a vast valley. Close to Lanín National Park, whose 379,000 hectares protect woodlands, rivers, lakes and mountains, it is the ideal site to rest and relax.
It may be reached by air, through Chapelco Airport, lying 17km away from the district, or by land, along National Route 234 either by bus or car. Visitors from Chile must follow Provincial Route 60 across Mamuil Malal International Pass, lying just 60km away from the city.

The lakes in Lanín National Park represent one of the main attractions in the area. Lake Huechulafquen lies 22km away along Provincial Route 61. It empties its waters towards the southwest into the Malleo River. It features beaches of volcanic sand and pebbles, intense swell and a deep green hue. Puerto Canoa, which offers a recreation area with grills and beaches, lies at the western end of the lake. At its pier, visitors may board José Julián Catamaran to go on a lake tour around the Epulafquen, Huechulafquen and Paimún.

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Julio A. Roca 1323. CP 8371 - Junín de Los Andes
Neuquén - Patagonia Argentina
(02972) 492757

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Julio A. Roca 1323
CP 8371 - Junín de Los Andes
Neuquén - Patagonia Argentina
(02972) 492757